The Art of Michael Childress.

Where Vibrant Color Meets Hyperrealisim with Beatiful Dramatic Abstracts

The Artist

Michael is a North Carolina native who's creations have been displayed on Autmotive, ATV, Skin, Clothing, Canvas, Statues, Huge Murals and many galleries. Highly skilled in Oils, Airbrush, Charcoal, Tattoo, Sculpting and even special effects makeup, He has studied with the likes of Ton Jensen, Ross Foundation and Taryn (T-Bone) Slaye. Michael tends to keep with Acrylic and Canvas in his later career but is always looking for the next Charcoal or Alcohol Ink session. Michael has sold thousands of creations all across the U.S. and has been partnered with Galleries that has sold Paintings to Oprah, Spike Lee and Danny Glover to name a few. His unique style of vibrant color while keeping close to realisim has produced some of the most stunning projects and the Paintings posted here are just as beautiful.


Fine Art

Every original Painting is sealed with Acrylic Resin or Marine Grade Varnish and comes complete with Title, Registry and Certificate. Custom Canvas sizes up to 6' x 6' are available as well as custom Murals up 20' x 20'.

Prints are available for all the works found on this site but may be on back order.


Faces & People

To help increase speed the Pictures below are low quality Thumbnails, CLICK ON THE PICTURE to see the original Painting and view information on the selected item.

A vibrant collection of Faces & People.

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